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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rock And Roll New Orleans!

Yipppppeeee!!!!!!!! Headed to New Orleans with the C
at House girls for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. They run - I check out all the southern eye candy.

I did make a new friend while hanging out at the girls' bungalow. She tells me that she sees all kinds of odd people at her place and she was oh so happy to have someone of my caliber and class to be staying with her. I, sooooo understand how she feels!

Geesh, you'd think these girls were potheads with all this snack food. And Meow Mix? I knew they were crazy cat girls, but do they actually EAT cat food???

After the race, one of the pantless wonders (don't ask!) decided it would be oh so funny to stuff me into Petite's dirty ass running sock! Gu-Ross! There are times that I just don't know why I hang around with these hags!!!

Then we all headed over the state line. Ah yes, southern Mississippi, the gay man's friend!

They forgot about at me for much of the trip and just left me at home. But no worries…there was this delicious young man named Nick who lives next door that I got to know really well and I shiver just thinking about. Seriously, some guys should NEVER wear shirts. Ever.

Finally we hit the town for a night of fun. We started with the Spotted Cat Club (go figure) and I was a BIG hit. Then went onto Maison Music Club where I discovered my new favorite drink: Rum Punch. A very nice gentleman who lives in the bathroomhad some interesting propositions.

I didn't like how the ladies carry me around, but oh well - I was having fun!

But the REAL fun started after we got home and hit the pool. I started downing my Michelob Ultras (I know, it's embarrassing, but they give you free Michelob's when you run a Half Marathon), after the Rum Punch they actually didn't taste too bad.

That night I hung out with the Pantless Wonder Twins because loud girls drinking never fail….to bring in the BOYS!!! ("My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…") And they didn't let me down!! Two young, hot, strapping young gentlemen started lurking in the bushes - and talk about eye candy…. Heeeeelloooooo! They were a little intimidated by my hotness at first, but soon came over and introduced themselves. They were two young studs from Chicago in town for a big bowling tournament (ha!). Yet, I couldn't have been happier - finally some action!

We laughed, we cried, we drank and drank some more and finally I had my night of crazy Mardi Gras style fun in New Orleans. I won't go in to all the details, but the night ended with golden shower of Michelob!!

We wrapped our vacation up in Baton Rouge where there exists one of the best LA restaurants ever!

Yep, that's just how I roll! Always in style.

Aaah, New Orleans… my maker Kelley made me take a bath b4 she'd touch me, so I obliged and now i smell like roses yet again. ("So fresh and so clean, clean.")