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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kamping in Kanopolis

Last weekend I went on a Smurf-themed journey into the Heart of Darkness (aka, the middle of Kansas) visiting Kanopolis State Park and Mushroom Rocks State Park for some camping, hiking and biking! My nickname for the weekend was Urban Smurf, due to my stylish good looks.

I got all excited when we made a pit stop in Topeka, KS next to "Jock’s Nitch", which TOTALLY sounded like my kind of bar; however I was utterly disappointed when I found out it was actually a sporting goods store. Boo-hoo!

Me and Sassette Smurfling.

The first night, I hid in Papa Smurf’s sleeping bag. He was a little surprised when he got in bed and saw me there...
...But he was okay and we cuddled to keep warm.

Me and Wild Smurf….dreamy…
The following morning Tracker Smurf and I went on a short bike ride. I was a little disappointed when I found out that this ride would NOT involve being strapped to the bike (as my last bike ride entailed); however it all turned out okay because Tracker brought a special bobble-sized helmet just for me...
Always wear a helmet kids!!
After a long day of biking and hiking, we relaxed by the campfire enjoying the hot flames.

The next day we went to Mushroom Rocks State Park (the shrooms are like 15 feet tall!)

I SWEAR the camera adds like 50 pounds!!!

Goodbye, Kansas. 'Til we meet again…

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Columbia MO Faurot Field - MU vs K-State Football

Tailgating at 8 am?  No way, no how!  Excuse me - what's that? Did you say there will be Bloody Mary's.  Well okay then I'll give it a try. Bloody Marys, Breakfast and MU wins over K-State 38-28.  I'm officially a Football Fan...okay I'm at least a Tailgating Fan now.  GO TIGERS!!!