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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

I'm only 8" tall + it snowed 11" = 1 shitty day for a bobblehead.
...Or so you'd think. But I'm a HAPPY bobblehead. And what do happy bobbleheads do when it blizzards? We go out and PLAY in the snow! Yippee!! So this week a friend and I hiked and jogged at both the Maple Woods and the Parkville Nature Preserve. I just love playing in the snow!
I have some great winter gear so the 10-degree weather hardly bothered me, plus it helps that I'm so steamy hot that I generally melt all the snow around me.
Ah, blizzard roMANtic!!!
Fu&#ing snowball!
Ok, the snow has been fun and all, but this body is truly made to be sipping Mango Margaritas on a warm and sunny beach. For my next adventure I'm definitely heading south...