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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eureka Springs, Arkansas - March 2011

This past weekend I went with my girlfriends, Scarlet Skulls and Masher (and many more beautiful people) to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a weekend of mountain biking fun. Well, THEY went for mountain biking. I went for Eureka Gras - an Ozark version of Mardi Gras promising hordes of southern drag queens on parade. I just love a good parade, and drag queens are my weakness. It started off great. We went to a hip restaurant called Sparky’s which had the CUTEST waiter in all of Ozarkland - Bobby. I decided to ditch the girls and head to the Eureka Gras parties.

So I formulated a carefully laid escape plan: while the ladies were sipping their beers I glamoured them – making them forget I was even there. It worked! They were on their way out of the restaurant, leaving me behind and everything was going as planned; then I felt ‘Hot Waiter Bobby’ put his muscular arm around my waist and pick me up (wow, I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried!). However, the night took a turn for the worst - rather than stashing me in his pocket and taking me home for the night, Hot Waiter Bobby caught the girls as they were leaving the restaurant and told them they forgot their ‘bobblehead’. WTF!?! So Bobby ruined my great escape and instead I headed back with the girls to our cabin in the woods; not quite the night I had in mind, but what can you do?

When we got back to the cabin I wasn't in the best of moods, as you can imagine, but this light little piece of reading left behind in the cabin soon set my spirits high again.

These ladies sure do get me out of my comfort zone– we stayed in this super-cozy, cute cabin and they stored their dirty, filthy mountain bikes in the KITCHEN for Gods’ sake. I guess that’s what you get when you hang out with girls with names like Scarlet Skulls and Masher.
The next day we hiked. And then we mountain biked. And then we ate. And then we mountain biked more. I was fairly sore by the end of the day - my whole backside really took a pounding biking up and down those rocky hills. I have to say, it was super fun though. I’m beginning to really enjoy mountain biking.

Can you even see me on this table o'crap. And I thought women were neat and tidy...ha!

The whole mountain bike group got together that night for a pasta & beer dinner. I felt really at home being around guys in skirts. Maybe I should start hanging out with this skirt-wearing group more often.

At some point in the night I must have slept walked. All I know is that I was dreaming of cuddling with Drag Queen Peggy (the Queen of Arkansas); yet I woke up cuddling next to Masher. She awoke the same time I did and we both screamed! Neither of us expected to be sharing a bed with one another. I have absolutely no recollection of how I got there. After the initial shock, we both started laughing. Overall, it was a super fun trip and I’m ready for some more Southern Eye Candy – hope to go back again soon. Well…onto my next adventure….