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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What A Long Strange Trip Its Been – My Journey to the Left Coast

Yay! FINALLY a trip to California – where I can really let my Freak Flag Fly! Hey fellas, check out my hot pink feather boa beard…!

I took the train across country; a gorgeous two-day train ride starting in Omaha and passing through Denver, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City, Reno/Tahoe, Sacramento, and finally arriving in Oakland!

"Well I'm going out West where I belong; Where the days are short and the nights are long; When I walk, and They walk; I Twist, and They Twist; I Shimmy, and They Shimmy; I fly, and They fly; We're out there having fun…in the warm California sun."

After two days on the train, boy was I exhausted! But that didn’t slow me down! Spent the next couple days hiking! Hiked the Berkeley Hills one day and Point Reyes the next day!

After a long couple days of hiking, and surviving my first wildcat encounter (by hiding behind Masher), went home and relaxed with some home brew! And yes, I AM a "Beer Keg Cowboy". Um fellas, I hope that stuff’s medicinal…….right?!?!?

The next day I spent a full day biking the Bay Trail with my new friend Chris and my old friend Masher! (Well, actually I rode side-saddle with Masher while SHE biked the bay trail.) It was soooo much fun! I heart biking. I really do.

On the bike ride, I spotted a really neat store.

The following day, I went to San Francisco, the Mecca. Unfortunately, it was actually quite boring; though (surprisingly) I did not visit the Castro District this trip. I did however get the token Golden Gate Bridge picture and stopped by In & Out Burger.

Ok. Northern CA has been fun, but it's time for some warm Southern California Sun! Flew down to Chino Hills, a suburb of LA to visit my good friends Rumble-Kill-Skin and Jess-Sika-Ya-Face! Boy did we have FUN! First of all, I spent time playing on the playground…wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then laid out soaking up the sun! And finally slammed some Boba Tea!

But the real fun came when the four of us went to a lively and hilarious Piano Bar! We had White Russians, Long Islands, Cranberry Long Islands, Sexes on the Beaches, JaegerBombs, and more…as the night rolled on, we got a little goofy! I requested the song Tiny Dancer, because that’s, like, my people’s anthem – bobbles all over the world live by that anthem! And guess what?!?! When they played that song (just for me!) I went up on stage, and the piano man SANG to me!!! I sat on his piano and looked him in his dreamy eyes, and it was AWESOME!!! I AM a Tiny Dancer! By the way, what a coincidence, there was another guy in the club with a pink feather boa! HOT! He even did a dance on stage! That night I laughed so hard, my drink came out my nose---several times! Good times!

Tiny Dancer in My Hand…Hold me closer tiny dancer; Count the headlights on the highway; Lay me down in sheets of linen; you had a busy day today.

The next day I was only slightly hung over, but I couldn’t let that stop me: it was 88 and sunny! We hiked Mt. Baldy (a strenuous climb) for some breathtaking vistas.

Well, I’d love to stay longer; I’m becoming quite the flower child. But my people in KC need me. Sooo, back to the Midwest we go. Hugs and Kisses, Lance